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Time is Money
Blogging is free (in a monetary sense, anyhow).  So, the return on your investment (ROI) — the time it takes to set up and maintain a blog — can be well worth it.

I won’t offer a formulaic equation to foretell the amount of attention any given blog will receive simply based on the amount of time invested.  However, at the very least, you’ll get what you paid for (as the old adage goes).



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Reaching Out
Today, music industry professionals face the challenge of reaching out to an ever more fragmented audience.  In other words, fewer individuals are paying attention to or responding to the same message.  This makes it difficult to find a channel of communication that will reach these individuals (the audience).  To maximize your chances of getting the word out, consider using both traditional and nontraditional channels of distribution to communicate messages.

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On-line Jam Sessions
The Web site (Tjoon.com), though a little tricky to navigate, allows split-screen videos to be created online by one or more individuals with a webcam.  The Tjoon Web site allows individuals to: 

  • Play music online with friends across distances

  • Share music with others

  • Discuss music and recording


Another Tool In The PR Practitioner’s Belt
Like other social media tools, Tjoon may be used to help promote music.  Like youtube.com, Tjoon uses the power of the Web to get the word out.  It’s still in the infancy stages and is somewhat limited in reaching an audience outside of its obvious niche’, but keep an eye on this one for possible promotion ideas in the future.

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An Advertisement Wary Audience
Gone are the days where many record companies are willing to spend enormous sums of money to promote musicians through advertising.  Can you blame them?

Faced with trying to reach an audience that increasingly becomes more fragmented, labels and promoters struggle with finding an audience that will sit still long enough to listen to an artist’s songs – let alone buy them.


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