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A New Year’s Series
To kick off a new series at PRRocks (and a new year), we’ll be looking at various artists that are demonstrating the power of social media in the music industry.

Goodbye Record Deal, Hello Freedom of Expression
In the spotlight this week is Kate Voegele, 21-year-old singer/songwriter and MySpace musician.  Voegele uses MySpace to effectively attract an online audience.  Her MySpace page puts video to work and makes good use of the social networking tool’s blog application.  Voegele’s MySpace Records debut, “Don’t Look Away,” is scheduled to be re-released Jan. 22.

Kate Voegele - MySpace MusicIn addition to singing and playing guitar, Voegele delves into acting.  You can catch her debut appearance as Mia the upcoming season premiere of One Tree Hill Tuesday, January 8, on The CW Network (8/7 central time).

According to MSNBC, “On the show, one of the main characters discovers Mia and later signs her to a record deal. Voegele will be heard playing songs [including] the single “Only Fooling Myself” on the show.”

Good News about Old News
By now, most, if not all, of us are aware of the changed landscape in music sales.  Today, online song shops such as ITunes and niche music stores like F.Y.E. make it possible for today’s musicians to break the stranglehold that record labels previously had in the music industry.

“The industry landscape is rapidly transforming, and whoever finds the magic formula for a new kind of label/distribution firm stands to make a lot of money as they establish the new paradigm of the industry.” — Matt Buchanan, Gizmo.com

Online sales vehicles and outlets have been around for years now.  The good news about this old news is that these online tools are proving capable of getting the job done — of actually being the keys to success.  It may not only be good news, but great news for independent artists, when considering that a truly independent musician answers only to the man or woman in the mirror (and of course the fans).

It’s no wonder that online sales are so successful for independent artists heard on shows such as One Tree Hill and Grey’s Anatomy.  The audience is hearing fresh, original music that hasn’t been watered down or dictated by a record company.  In this age of globe spanning connectivity, that’s a win for musicians and music fans everywhere.


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